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DOUBLE OCCUPANCY(Per Person) : $18995
TRIPPLE OCCUPANCY(Per Person) : $17995
QUAD OCCUPANCY(Per Person) : $15995

We offer top-tier Hajj packages at competitive prices, dedicated to fulfilling all your travel requirements with utmost satisfaction. Our Hajj packages are meticulously crafted to cater to diverse budgets and preferences, ranging from premium options to affordable packages. Each package encompasses air-conditioned accommodations, nutritious meals, recommended airline services, and local transportation for a seamless journey. Our specialized services are tailored to ensure your comfort and a hassle-free Hajj experience in 2024.

  • Transport by Shared Luxury Bus from Madinah Airport/Madinah Hotel/ Makkah Hotel/Azizia Hotel/Mina/Azizia Hotel/Jeddah Airport.
  • Makkah and Madinah Ziaraat included.
  • Imam will Lead the Group.
  • Lady Muallama will travel with the group for female pilgrims.
  • Free Ahram kit will be provided.
Emirates Airline
242 K
Departure From Toronto Pearson's Airport
3rd June 2024
Direct Flight
Arrival On Madina
Madina Airport
04 June
on 4:30pm.
Dar Al Hijra Intercontinental
3 Nights in MADINA
Fairmount Makkah Clock Royal Tower
3 Nights in Makkah
Wirgan Hotel
Near Jamarat (A-Category)


Arrival jeddah to Makkah
Day 1
june 04

Check-In Dar Al Hijra InterContinental hotel in Madinah. Spend Time in Prophet's mosque acccording to indivitual discretion.

Day 2
june 05

Leave for Ziarat in Madinah at 08:00 AM

Day 3
june 06

Spend Time in Prophet's mosque acccording to indivitual discretion.

Day 4
june 07

Perform Friday Prayer, and leave for makkah by air-conditioned coach. Check in at Makkah Hotel and then leave to perform Umrah and spend time in haram according to individual discretion.

Day 5
june 08

Spend Time in Haram acccording to indivitual discretion.

Day 6
june 09

Leave for Ziarat in Makkah at 08:00 AM.

Day 7 - Day 10
june 10 - june 14

8th of Dul Hijjah Moving to Aziziya Stay in Wirgan hotel. Shuttle of Haram is available during stay in Mina.

Day 10 - Day 14
june 14 - june 18

At Mina, Arafat & Muzdalfa VIP camps available close to jamarat.

Day 15 - Day 20
june 18 - june 20

Back to Aziziya at Wirgan hotel Aziziya. checkout from Wirgan hotel and leave for Jeddah Airport by Air-conditioned Coach for Departure.
By Emirates Airlines 08:05pm to Toronto via Dubai.
Arrival Toronto on 21st June at 09:30am at terminal 1.

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